What tablet device or phone do I need to be able to use TouchRight Software?

The TouchRight app has been designed for the iOS and Android operating systems. It currently runs on any iPhone, iPad or Android device. It is important to use a device with a camera (the first iPad doesn’t have a camera) and a flash is preferable.  To get the best user experience we recommend you use TouchRight on devices with at least 1.5GB of memory.  For iOS, this means using TouchRight on iPad (4th generation) and upwards, and iPad mini 4 and upwards.

Recommended devices:
  • Running the latest versions of iOS and Android
  • Minimum 1.5GB of memory (RAM)
  • We have many customers using the Nexus 9 tablet.  It has an 8.9" screen, which is is big enough to work on, but small enough to carry around in one hand, plus it has an 8MP rear camera with a built-in LED flash which is great for taking those property photos in poor light conditions.  It also has 2GB RAM which provides plenty of memory power to work with TouchRight.

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